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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Next year

OK - some rapid predictions for next year....

  • Boris Johnson will win the London Mayoral elections, with a reduced majority
  • Ed Miliband will survive another indifferent year as Leader of the Opposition
  • Barack Obama will beat Mitt Romney in the US Presidential Elections
  • Southampton will be promoted to the Premier League
  • Francois Hollande will sneak the French Presidential elections
  • Chris Huhne will resign from the Cabinet, to be replaced by David Laws
  • William and Kate will announce that she is to have a baby
  • President Assad will be forced from power in Syria
  • England will be knocked out of Euro 2012 in the semi-finals
  • Andy Murray will win a Grand Slam, but probably not Wimbledon
  • Great Britain will win its biggest haul of medals in Olympic history
  • Increased sanctions, but no attack, on Iran
  • Imran Khan's star will rise in Pakistan, Zardari clings on for another year
  • Unemployment in the UK will rise, borrowing will rise further, the UK will lose its AAA credit rating, and Ed Balls' alternative economic strategy will gradually gain momentum as voters tire of cuts, flatlining growth and growing unemployment
And, with that, a very Happy New Year.

1 comment:

  1. Quick check on progress here -

    - Huhne HAS resigned, but WASN'T replaced by Laws.
    - Boris DID win with a reduced majority.
    - Hollande DID win the French elections.

    And... I am very happy to say that Southampton ARE promoted to the Premier League.